cleanpasteCLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN is a new concept in the maintenance of ironers. Regardless of which wax or lubricant is used, due to the combination of heat, lint residues, alkali or carbonised powder waxes, a deposit is always possible on the chest.
This deposit accumulates particularly on spots between chests and gap-pieces where the work being ironed does not touch metal.

CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN has been designed to remove these residues without any mechanical action such as abrasive cloths or steel mesh pads.
CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN complies with all quality and safety standards, because it does not contain any abrasive, chemically aggressive components or solvents.
CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN can be used daily up to weekly depending on the quality of the washroom.
CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN has been designed to work with CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE as well as with traditional waxes.


  • The ironer should be running at its slowest speed, at working temperature with the rolls in the beds and the extraction off.
  • Spread approximately 40 cm of CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN under the flap of the applicator cloth, making sure that it is evenly distributed across it.
  • Pass the cloth through the ironer.You might have to pass it twice, since the ironer roll is generally wider than the cloth.
  • Follow the CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN through the ironer with a series of very damp sheets. These should be wet enough for a little moisture to be able to be wrung out by hand with difficulty. Continue to pass the sheets through the ironer (wetting down each time) until dirt stops coming out of the bed
  • Repeat this across the ironer width until the entire ironer has been treated.



  • CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN can continue to work a considerable time after application.
  • In the first instance allow at least one hour for a major cleaning of the ironer, and make sure that the deposits are completely removed before production is resumed.
  • In this context it should be noted that CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN would also remove staining from the roll padding and the tapes.
    In the long term the cleaning action of the CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN and CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE will increase the working life of padding and tapes.
  • But in the first instance it is necessary to insure that deposits have stopped coming from both bed and rolls before resuming production.
    Ideally the first major cleaning of the ironer should be done just before the padding is renewed.
  • Applicator cloths with abrasive strips or abrasive cloths should under no circumstances be used to clean the ironer. The cleaning action of CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN is a chemical one, the detergent being released by the steam generated in the hot bed from the amp sheets.
    The passage of abrasive material will simply scrape away the paste before it can work. It will also leave microscopic scratches on the bed, which wil provide the "key" for new deposits to be formed.