cleancoatCLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE is an entirely different concept in ironing lubrication. Unlike previous smearing waxes, the product is formulated to be effective over the full range of working temperatures found in modern laundries, from the relatively low temperatures of steam heated ironing to the newest fluid heated, high temperature machines.
It is also designed to minimise the residual effects of new chemical components in today's detergents, bleaches and other additives.

Not only does CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE create a lubricated coating on the ironer bed, a coating that allows full heat transfer, but it also contains a cleaning agent to prevent chemical deposits from forming.

CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE cannot carbonise on the ironer bed, and it is stable for temperatures up to 360° C (680° F).


  • Periodic application of CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE enables a heat-transparent, lubrication surface to build up on the ironer bed.
    This surface enables a very high degree of polish to be given to the linen.
    The lubricant is not completely consumed between applications.
    This long-lived lubrication surface results not only in high quality ironed
    linen but also :
  • The life of the roll padding is prolonged in some cases by as much as 30%. The padding becomes less impregnated with wax, and remains cleaner while retaining its natural pile for longer.
  • As the lubrication lasts longer and is more effective, tape breakage occurs much less often.
  • Whilst the initial current drop after application of CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE is not necessarily more than with traditional waxes (although it often is), tests have shown that the ironer will draw less electric current for longer periods between lubricating.
  • CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE contains a small amount of non-toxic and not irritant cleaner that actually prevents the build up of deposits on the bed. This is particularly effective in reventing such deposits on the front of the bed, and on the lesser-used areas such as edges.
  • CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE contains an anti-static compound to minimise problems arising from residual charges being transferred to the folder.
  • Because CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE establishes a lubricated coating on the bed that is designed not to be consumed, overall wax usage and time spent waxing are usally considerably reduced.
  • Applicator cloths with abrasive strips are unnecessary.


  • The action of CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE is to build a lubricated surface on the ironer bed. The time taken to build up this coating varies from ironer to ironer and can take some considerable time.
    It is unlikely that the CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE will be fully effective in less than four days, having been applied to the ironer twice a day.
  • During this period more CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE may be used as compared with a conventional wax, but subsequently, less CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE will be used than with a conventional wax.


  • CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE should be applied to the ironer in the same circumstances as a conventional wax.
  • It is recommended that the applicator cloth designed for use specifically with this product is used.
  • Do not use the same applicator cloth that has been used for any other type of wax. No abrasive strip should be used.

Do not apply another wax at the same time as using CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE.