I.C.P. (Ironer Care Products) introduces a full range of effective chemical treatments for ironers and presses, specially formulated to deal with modern processes and working temperatures. These products have been developed by Springpress of Gent in Belgium, the well-known manufacturer of spring padding for ironers, and thus benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience of laundry finishing.


Cleancoat/Euroglide: Lubrifications for Ironers

cleancoat01CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE Wax. A high temperature modern ironer wax that is designed to create a lubricated coating on the ironer bed, transparent to heat but preventing the build-up of friction-causing deposits that impede the passage of linen through the machine.
Use of CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE has been known to extend the working life of the roll padding by as much as 30%, reduce tape breakages, and enables the ironer to use measurably less electric
current over a period of time. CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE also contains an anti-static ingredient and has a high flash and browning point.

CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE is available in 8 and 17 kg tubs

Cleanpaste/Iroclean: cleaning paste for flatwork ironers

cleanpasteThis cleaning paste dissolves residual deposits that often form on the ironer bed, across the top and edges of the bridges, and on the leading and rear edges. Cleanpaste/Iroclean is non-abrasive, and is applied to the ironer with a special applicator cloth. Once the cleaning paste has been spread on the hot bed, damp sheets are passed through the ironer and the dirt and deposits are dissolved in the steam that is released and removed by the sheets. Once the cleaning is complete further deposits can be minimized by the use of Cleancoat/Euroglide Wax.

Cleanpaste/Iroclean is available in 8 kg tubs.

Cleanpress: Heavy Duty Cleaner for Ironers and Presses

cleanpressCLEANPRESS is a liquid formulation based on CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN for cleaning hot press heads. The chemical action removes the deposits and staining that usually occur on presses which reduce heat transfer and can mark the work. CLEANPRESS is also widely used for specific treatement of ironer front lip and bridge deposits.

CLEANPRESS is available in 1 and 5 litre bottles.

Application and Cleaning Facilities

vodCLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE and CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN Applicator Cloths. Speccially manufactured applicator cloths are available to suit both CLEANCOAT/EUROGLIDE and CLEANPASTE/IROCLEAN.

CLEANPRESS Safety Applicator Gloves. Full protective, anti-flame, slightly abrasive on one side, and polishing on the other side and aluminium foiled to prevent from burns.